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Community » Forum » Feedback » UI bug on narrow screens

22nd Feb 2018 10:19:50
The icons at top of screen with globe, avatar, etc are all white on transparent background.

They are an image that is too wide to fit over the dark background of the header image on an iPhone 6s in portrait mode, so they wrap.

So I never see them unless I rotate my phone to landscape mode.

SUGGESTION: make them css absolute position over the header image ?

28th Feb 2018 09:05:05
Admin Moderator

I'm not sure what exactly you mean, could you take a screenshot of the issue?

29th Mar 2018 01:08:49
I have an iPhone 6s — in landscape mode (where screen is wide) the white icons appear on dark background.

In portrait orientation the white icons appear underneath the dark bar, on a white background.

I uploaded screenshots to — I hope you can see them !