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Community » Forum » Business » Fixing the Economy

22nd Jan 2018 16:23:33
Since I've joined the game, it's been a race to the bottom. Due to limited options the only way to compete has been by lowering prices. This has create a situation where more money is leaving the game than coming in and net worth for most players is in consistent decline.

The solution? Expensive food...

Money flows out of the game through taxes and player death. Money flows into the game by new players and the government purchases a limited amount of food from retail stores each day. In order for the net flow of money to be positive, we need significantly larger margins on food to offset the outflow of taxes. I'm going to attempt to use my remaining cash to drive the cost of food (and therefor the margins) as high as I can. In exchange I'll do everything I can to keep jobs available at a reasonable wage so that the other players can afford food / rent / and medicine. I ask that other store owners try to do the same.

Since the economy is based on USD and I have my store and apartment in LA, I encourage players to move to LA. There are no longer enough active players to support 4 locations in 3 countries.

If this is successful, I'll sell shares in the store so that profits are shared and I'm not the only one benefiting similar to what I'm doing with my apartments.
22nd Jan 2018 18:19:46
So you're the one I have to thank for fixing the food market!

I will be buying food for consumption from your store from now on in return.
22nd Jan 2018 18:50:58
Yup, buy it quick. Prices will be going up very soon.
22nd Jan 2018 23:51:21
Come to LA it's the place to be!
24th Jan 2018 04:57:17
I’m so broke right now and health at 9% that I’m not sure I can dig my way out.

Medicine boxes go for $150 (though I did spot one at $40) which is still triple my total assets on my best day

I haven’t been evicted this often since college. (J/k - I was never evicted.... that I recall)

Raising prices on food will add me to the Deadpool list, and I’m happy to contribute my corpse if that will help the economy but I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.

Is there a food bank (or better still, a medicine bank) where I can get a hook up, or should I just write off this account and start anew?

Definitely I respect the thought that had gone into the game/simulation — have witnessed the economy near collapse since late November I think.

24th Jan 2018 10:41:13
that wont fix this broken game
24th Jan 2018 12:25:07
BillM, the food bank and Medicaid have kicked in for you.

Kodfidhkod, you're right. The game needs some more development to be fixed, but trying to grow the economy will allow me and hopefully you guys to get a little more fun out of what we have.
24th Jan 2018 18:40:06
Thanks for trying to fix the economy. Driving the price of food up will hopefully in turn drive up wages. I've been able to pay my employees better thanks to the changes to food.
8th Feb 2018 19:05:59
foods back to being affordable again
2nd Mar 2018 19:03:39
This is the highest I've seen wages since I began. Think it's a bubble?
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