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Community » Forum » Business » Selling Shares of Profitable Company

15th Jan 2018 20:05:01
I want to help get some more engagement from the players, so I thought I could sell some shares of a couple companies that actually make a profit.

Love Shack Inc. owns a 2-story apartment complex on the sunny coast of Los Angeles and will pay dividends once per week on its profits.

We'll start shares at $4.00 for 10 shares. That's only 40 cents per share, but for simplicity I'm selling blocks of 10. There will be a cap of 500 shares for a single player.

If you're interested, just send a message with how many shares you'd like to buy, and I'll create a trade request.
15th Jan 2018 21:22:53
What sort of size can we expect the dividents to be?
15th Jan 2018 22:47:12
Dividends will be whatever profits the company makes. Right now we have 8 renters paying $1.50 /day. The taxes are $10.00 /day. So dividends would be $14.00 /week. However, if the number of renters grows, it could be up to 10x that amount at the current rental price.
18th Jan 2018 19:23:17
i'd be interested in shares
18th Jan 2018 22:21:50
Awesome. Just message me how many you'd like and I'll create the offer.

Also, we have an extra renter so dividends will be more this week.
18th Jan 2018 22:25:42
If anyone is wondering about the price I came up with, I based it on the cost to build an equivalent 2-story apartment. The net worth calculations do not consider the value of 60,000 kg of cement and 60,000 kw of electricity.
19th Jan 2018 23:30:13
is this game still being actively developed? game is pretty broke right now
10th Feb 2018 14:05:08
I'll buy some shares TekkNin
14th Feb 2018 13:02:02
No prob. Just message me how many shares you'd like XDCD and I'll initiate the trade.
15th Feb 2018 23:53:20
I'll buy 100 shares. Send me the trade request at your earliest convenience.

Also, how many shares are there total, 10,000?
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