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Community » Forum » Help » Cannot use land acquired through auction

14th Dec 2017 06:19:03
I purchase the following plots through auction with:
2nd Street 1, São Paulo, Brazil
2nd Street 2, São Paulo, Brazil

However, when I attempt to send them to a construction or holding company I get the following error, even though there isn't any construction:
"You cannot trade a piece of land that has renting contracts on it."
14th Dec 2017 18:01:32
Odd, they used to have buildings on them which somehow reset in the auction, not sure if that's meant to be the case.
19th Dec 2017 07:55:27
I am still unable to move the land, even to a rental company
22nd Dec 2017 09:58:59
Gluten, are you able to help? I have a Rental company now if you can make the transfer manually.
23rd Dec 2017 11:47:30
Guess he gave up on this game..
26th Dec 2017 09:59:23
Gluten kind sir. Please help.