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Community » Forum » Feedback » I will be Broken very soon...

8th Dec 2017 06:01:53
Drentt VIP
I will be Broken very soon if this continues like this.

Well the point of the post is that currently very few are buying materials such as electricity, cement, medicine, etc ...

it is not being sold in the exchanger, and it does not sell it for .001 ... since that would mean that the economy of the game will drop drastically if it is sold for that price ...

If this continues most of my companies will go bankrupt and will have to close temporarily until the economy is activated again.

This leads to around 35 people losing their jobs !!

which is 38% of the world population (this is based on those who rent a house in the world).

If this is not fixed in some way the world will go into crisis (or just me and I will stop giving employment to all those people!).

Maybe one way to repair this is with the government NPCs that buy a certain amount every second time of the exchanger, or that the NPC is sold at a better price without badly costing the cost.

****Nowadays I have had to dismiss someone employed because I will not be able to pay them in the future ...

Atte: Drentt from Nerv Corp.
8th Dec 2017 09:58:48
I am affected and applying for welfare now :(

Thanks government! >:(
8th Dec 2017 15:00:34
I am affected also :(
8th Dec 2017 15:28:50
imagine being at the bottom of pile trying to get a foothold into the economy. I've kids and a wife to feed here!
it isn't all about you juggernauts with piles of legal tender.