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What's this game about?
It's about making virtual money. The game is a free to play business simulation game, where you can run your own companies, trade stock, trade currencies and so on.
How do I make money?
Making money is the point of the game, so listing all available ways to earn it would be a little counterintuitive. However, to get started you should find a job (or up to 5 jobs), complete the beginner bonus actions (first market offer, first company, first avatar, etc.). For a quick buck you could also try getting a loan from a bank.
How do I buy food or medicine boxes?
You must find a retail store via the World Map. If you buy from a retail store that is in the same city and country as your apartment home, you will not have pay any delivery fee. Homeless people and foreigners must by pay a delivery fee to the government at every purchase.
How do I get a home?
You have to find an apartment renting company location via the World Map. Look for pieces of land with a home icon on them, indicating that an apartment building has been constructed.
How do I create a company?
Go to Dashboard » Companies & Jobs and click on the "Create New Company" button.
I have a construction company - how do I build?
A land owner has to ask your company to build on their land. Note that you must have enough resources (cement and electricity) to accept a building contract.
How do I send money or other things to someone?
Go to Dashboard » Private Trades and click on the "Send Money" or "New Trade" buttons. You can also send from a company that you are a director of, via the Company Management page.
What's the difference between a private and a public company?
Private companies can only be traded via Private Trades, while public companies are also listed for trading on The Exchange. By default all player-created companies are private companies, and there is currently not any way to elevate to public (via IPO, initial public offering). Eventually making a company public will be possible, with limitations such as a minimum net worth, like in real life.